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This page contains automated compiles based on the sources for nintendont. They have not been tested so you use them on your own risk.

My build-system checks the sources every 3 hours and if there is a new revision it is automatically built and uploaded to this page.

The .zip contains everything needed to run Nintendont. Just unzip it to your SD-card. You can download the regular build or a UStealth enabled build by choosing the correct .zip based on the filename.

Sometimes the compiling of the source fail because of the constant changes being made to the source and I can not promise that there will be a UStealth enabled build for every revision, but I am doing my best to keep building them.

Do not ask me any questions on how to use these files! I am not the creator or maintainer of this software, I just do the compiling of the files found on this site.

More information is available here.
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